Distributing Goods Effectively Using An Intermodal System

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Distributing Goods Effectively Using An Intermodal System


Claire Winters

In today s world it is more crucial than ever to have the ability to transport goods all over the country in a safe and effective manner. The most effective way to accomplish this is through the usage of the commercial trucking industry. While commercial trucking is fantastic, it does have a few obstacles when using this type of service. Typically, truck drivers are allowed to travel 11 hours of a 14 hour drive, requiring that they must rest for a period of three hours somewhere in between. Rest is required as certain time frames exist in which the driver must not drive for 10 hours

These regulations are in place as a safety measure to make certain commercial truck drivers are not driving on our highways without a sufficient amount of sleep. There have been a great number of accidents, injuries, fatalities and losses due to overworked and overly tired drivers being pushed mile after mile. With all these regulations it will be important to examine how freight is transported and time frames you need deliveries made in and still keep the drivers safe. As businesses seek more efficient ways to operate, intermodal systems will benefit them in keeping in compliance and ensuring safety of the drivers and the shipments.

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It is important to know what an intermodal system is in order to fully comprehend the benefits that this system will offer those in the trucking industry. Basically, it is a system of transporting goods from Point A to Point B through more than one mode of transportation. As an example, cargo will be shipped by a commercial truck for a specific distance and then transferred to another kind of transportation, such as a train or ship in order to be carried to the destination. This method is perfect for perishables or other high demand shipments that have to be delivered within certain time frames. Most of the largest businesses rely on an intermodal system of travel for shipping goods father distances that need more than trucks for delievery purposes.

Piggybacking is also a technique that can achieve this. Moving a vessel or box on a larger vessel is what this is called. Trucks as an example, can be transported by a larger flatbed truck and another flatbed can be added in order to carry more of them in a single shipment. Large cargo ships are another excellent example of piggybacking. Large cargo ships can be loaded with many trailers or storage containers, shipped to a location where they are distributed and merchandise that only have a limited shelf life are able to arrive at their destination appropriately.

By employing an intermodal system of transport, corporations are able to swiftly transport their items faster and more efficiently while increasing their profits in the process. Furthermore, truck companies can take heart in the fact that while using this system they are playing their part in helping to keep our roads safe from drivers who are either too sleepy to continue on their route or drivers who could be speeding in order to make it to their destination on time. Commercial trucking is commonly used for the transportation of goods and intermodal transport has boosted this already effective transport system up to a higher level.

Companies can utilize these intermodal systems for their own benefit when it comes to how they transport however few will meet the needs that are required for freight management. Make sure to thoroughly research your options and only acquire the best in the industry, otherwise your dollars are wasted.

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intermodal system

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Distributing Goods Effectively Using An Intermodal System

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Somalian pirates capture military ship, weapons, tanks

Friday, September 26, 2008

Somalian pirates captured a Ukrainian military ship containing weapons, tanks, and ammunition on Thursday. The weapons seized ranged from grenade launchers to 33 Soviet tanks, the Ukrainian defense ministry told the press. 17 multi-national crewmen were also captured.

The “Faina” was making a delivery to the Kenyan government, which is a Western ally against terrorism.

The ship had taken a detour to avoid the pirate-controlled Somalian coast, which is notorious for holding ships and cargo ransom. Experts expect the pirates to ransom off the tanks, because they don’t have the ability to remove or use them.

The Russian navy deployed a warship on Friday to assist Somalia in securing the coastline and re-secure the ship. According to Vladimir Vysotsky, the head of the Russian Navy, “Russian ships will not be involved in any international operations,” as “they will do this job on their own.”

US military spokesman Bryan Whitman reported that the US is monitoring the events closely, because of the type of cargo captured.

Canada, meanwhile, has been assisting the UN by escorting aid ships to the war-torn area since August. Canadian officials announced they would be continuing escorts for another four weeks, to the relief of about 2.4 million Somalians receiving the aid.

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Somalian pirates capture military ship, weapons, tanks


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Pros And Cons Of Studying Massage Courses Online

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Pros and Cons of Studying Massage Courses Online


davidson photosPros and Cons of Studying Massage Courses Online

It may sound odd to many but studying massage courses online is a trend in massage therapy education now. Yes, not only are college degree programs offered through online and distance or correspondence education but also natural healing and alternative medicine courses. This is a new thing and some may doubt about the effectiveness of receiving such kind of education through the internet. Why, because we have known these types of learning require hands-on and practical training. So take a look at the points below to way up the advantages and disadvantages of studying online massage therapy courses.



Like other courses and trainings through the internet, you can study massage courses online at your own pace and time. Most online schools do recommend a term or duration for studying the lessons. This serves as a guide to your pace of learning and exam periods will mark your progress and whether you\’re going too slow or not.


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At first glance, online massage therapy courses seem more expensive compared to attending class physically. But a closer evaluation will show you that taking up massage courses online will actually save you from transportation expenses such as petrol costs or bus and cab fares. Many of the additional materials you need to use for the massage therapy course can be downloaded through the internet, instead of being purchased at the school or in a bookstore. You can just search the web for free software or publications if any supporting books and articles are needed.


No Live Instructor

Practice is the essence of natural healing education. You can do this while taking up online massage therapy courses. But since all instructions are presented as pre-recorded videos and audios or online books you need to read by yourself and then liase with your instructor for any needed clarification through online communication or with other students through forums. You may gauge your skills as okay already, but an expert who can oversee your techniques is more apt to measure your progress.

Limited Interaction with Others

Other massage therapy students or other people for that matter can always provide additional support and help. This is limited when you take up online massage therapy courses unless you arrange for a group study. If this is not possible, join forum discussions to know what other students may be facing with the courses. This will inhibit feelings of isolation and helplessness in times of confusion with some lessons.


Internet Connection

Before enrolling in online courses, make sure you have a very good internet connection. This will ensure a smooth flow for your training and you won\’t be bogged down with connection problems.

Check for Certification

Make sure the certification provided by your online school is recognised in your location. A national or better, an international accreditation will be beneficial to you when looking for a job.

Exam Requirements

Check how final exams should be accomplished. Some schools require you take exams in campus while others administer exams online too.

If you\’re looking for a quality online massage school visit


and see Massage School Online, a school of massage therapy offering online massage courses.If you\’re looking for a quality online massage school visit www.massageschoolonline.com.au and see Massage School Online, a school of massage therapy offering online massage courses.

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Getting The Right Car For You}

Getting the Right Car for You


Jordan Rocksmith

When it comes time to buy a new car, the options are endless. Do you want something sporty or something with a little more muscle, like a 2015 Dodge Durango SRT in Dallas, TX? Besides all the makes, models, and years you have to choose from, you also have to decide whether you want to buy or lease and whether you want new or used. Without a doubt, buying a car is one of the most stressful shopping experiences you will ever have. Luckily, there are plenty of car-buying veterans who are willing to share some tips and tricks to make the search for the perfect car a little bit easier.

Know Your Budget

YouTube Preview Image

The first (and most important rule) of car buying is to know your budget. While your budget may not allow you to have your dream car, buying outside of it will doubtless turn that dream into a nightmare. If you can’t pay cash for a car (and most people can’t), be sure you can at least make your minimum monthly payments. In order to find out what your minimum monthly payments will be, you’ll need to have a serious discussion with your financier whether it’s the bank or the dealership. You should also figure out how much you can spend in gas and figure whether or not the car you’re considering fits into that budget. You don’t want any surprises to dampen your new car fun!

Get Pre-Approved

Once you’ve figured out what your budget is, you should try and get pre-approved for a car loan. One of the reasons this is a great idea is that once approved, you can haggle as a cash buyer. Since most people don’t get to ever haggle as a cash buyer, few people know how great it is! Being in this position gives you an extra bargaining chip that can get you a much better deal and a much lower interest rate than if you apply for your loan on-site.

Consider Your Lifestyle

After you figure out what your budget is, it’s time to consider what kind of car fits your lifestyle. If you spend most of your time on city streets, you may not need something with a lot of muscle. If, however, you consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast or you have a job that requires a lot of hauling, you probably need a lot more room and muscle than a small car provides.

If you like to have a variety of options to select from, you may want to choose a car that comes in many different models. Features like a sunroof, keyless entry, and even voice-activated navigation system may be important to you as well. Depending on your needs, you can even get off-road tires and a towing package installed on an SUV. If one of your requirements is room for lots of family and friends, a large SUV like the Durango is perfect since it has a 7-passenger seating capacity.

Stick to the Plan

Once you have decided what kind of car meets your needs, you are ready to start looking at what is out there. When you visit a car dealership, like one who specializes in selling cars like the 2015 Dodge Durango SRT in Dallas, TX, be ready with the information you have collected about what you can spend and what features you need. When you get to a dealership, it is very easy to get distracted by all the “deals” and other flashy stuff they have available. By sticking to what you know you need, you can avoid ending up with a serious case of buyer’s remorse.

The 2015 Dodge Durango is the perfect combination of comfort, beauty, and functionality. This seven-passenger vehicle offers plenty of spacious comfort and safety features. Visit our page on dallasdodgedealership.com/2015-dodge-durango/ to see our page!

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Getting the Right Car for You


Man shot after attempting to drive through US-Mexico border

Sunday, April 18, 2010

At 8:50 AM local time (15:50 UTC) a man attempting to enter the United States at the Tijuana – San Diego section of the US – Mexican border, tried to escape U.S. customs officers, after he could not provide official documentation. According to Lieutenant Kevin Rooney of the San Diego police department, “the agent referred the driver to a secondary inspection and he [the driver] quickly accelerated away.”

The acceleration caused him to crash into a pickup truck. It is thought he was trying to force the other vehicle out of the way. When customs officers surrounded the vehicle, the driver went into reverse, which led to two officers opening fire on the vehicle. The man was shot only once and the wound was not life threatening.

Police officials believe the driver tried to flee because the vehicle was reported to have been stolen from Colorado.

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Man shot after attempting to drive through US-Mexico border

Wail of sirens marks Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A 2-minute siren wail which began in Israel at 10 a.m. Thursday marked the beginning of Yom HaShoah, the country’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. Israelis across the nation paused their daily activities for a moment of silence in memory of the six million Jews murdered by Nazis in the Holocaust during World War II. Drivers turned off their vehicles and stood at attention in the middle of the road, and pedestrians stopped and bowed their heads. Names of victims were read aloud in the Knesset, the legislature of Israel.

Individuals laid wreaths at a memorial for the Warsaw Ghetto uprising at Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to Jewish victims of the Holocaust. National ceremonies began at Yad Vashem on Wednesday evening, with the lighting of a flame by a Holocaust survivor. In all six torches were lit, in memory of the six million Jews who died during the Holocaust. Approximately 270,000 survivors of the Holocaust live in Israel today, 80,000 of whom survived Nazi death camps.

Entertainment venues, theaters, and movie cinemas closed shop at sundown Wednesday. Television stations and radio programming focused on memorial of the Holocaust. Memorial events end at sunset on Thursday, and will be followed one week later by the 60th anniversary of the declaration of independence of Israel in 1948, known as Yom Ha’atzmaut.

A leader who plans mass destruction, together with weapons of mass destruction. What would have been left of our world?

Shimon Peres, Israel’s President, spoke at Yad Vashem, and compared the potential danger which Israel says is posed by Iran’s nuclear program, to that faced by Jews during the Holocaust. “In history, it is forbidden to be late,” said Peres, saying that the world reacted too late to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. “My heart shudders when I recall that there was a possibility that Hitler could acquire nuclear weapons. A leader who plans mass destruction, together with weapons of mass destruction. What would have been left of our world?” asked Peres. Aides later stated that Peres was referring to Iran.

Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert also referred to Iran in his remarks at Yad Vashem. “You wish to deny the right of existence of the Jewish state, and you are wrong to believe that the Jewish state was created only due to the Holocaust. The Holocaust only underscored the necessity of its creation and the horrible price that the Jewish people had to pay for the lack of existence of a state that can shelter them,” said Olmert. Other speakers at Yad Vashem emphasized the importance of the Israel Defense Forces, Israel’s military forces, to prevent tragedies such as the Holocaust in the future.

We have learned our lesson and we take very seriously the threats of state leaders who call for the destruction of Israel.

Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi, military chief of staff of Israel, led an annual march of Jewish youths, Poles and survivors at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, in a memorial ceremony called The March of the Living. Auschwitz-Birkenau operated as a Nazi death camp during the Holocaust. 12,000 people gathered from 52 countries to take part in the memorial ceremony. The largest march took place in 2005, and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon joined with 20,000 people. “… in these days, as we celebrate 60 years of independence, the fact that an independent Jewish state exists is not something to be taken for granted. Even today, we hear the horrible sounds of those who call for the destruction of the state of Israel. Even today we are forced to continue and fight for our right to have a national home in a safe place for the Jewish people in their own land. We have learned our lesson and we take very seriously the threats of state leaders who call for the destruction of Israel,” said Ashkenazi.

Hamas television Thursday suggested that the Holocaust was organized by Jews to wipe out the disabled among their own people to prepare for the creation of a Jewish state. “The Israeli Holocaust – the whole thing was a joke, and part of the perfect show that (Zionist leader and future Israeli prime minister) Ben Gurion put on,” said head of the Palestinian Centre for Strategic Research Amin Dabur, according to Jerusalem-based Palestinian Media Watch. Dabur said that the “young energetic and able” went to Israel, and that those who were disabled were sent “so there would be a Holocaust”.

Though Iran has said that its nuclear program is peaceful in nature, the United States, Israel, and other countries believe it is attempting to construct nuclear weapons. In speeches Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that the Jewish state should be destroyed. Ahmadinejad has called the Holocaust “a myth”. Tehran hosted a revisionist Holocaust conference in 2006, which provoked international criticism. Tel Aviv University published a study on Monday saying that acts of anti-Semitism in 2007 increased by about seven percent over 2006.

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Wail of sirens marks Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel

Lose Weight Really Fast Without Regaining It

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By Godfrey Agyare

One of the major concerns for those who lose weight really fast is the possibility of gaining back the lost weight. There is a general belief that losing weight really fast is not the healthy way to go about slimming down and that the lost weight is gained back quickly. While this is true in some cases, the same rule cannot be applied to everyone. It is not impossible to lose weight really fast and maintain it at the same level. However, efforts have to be taken to make sure that the weight loss is sustained. Here are few things you can do to make sure you lose weight really fast without gaining it again:

Dont be Casual after Losing Weight

One of the main reasons why people gain weight rapidly after losing weight really fast is their casual attitude. Once they lose a considerable amount of weight in a few months, they begin to relax and do not pay attention to diet and regular exercise. The sudden change in eating habits and physical activities after weeks or months of a disciplined routine confuses the body. As such, there is also a change in metabolism. In this way, all the weight that is lost is gained back within no time.

YouTube Preview Image

Keep a tab on how much you are losing

To lose weight really fast and maintain your weight at the same level, its important that you keep track of how much you have lost in a specific period. You also need to note down all the changes you have implemented in your lifestyle during the period you have lost weight. You will become well aware of what kinds of food suit your body to aid the weight management process and what kind of food doesnt suit you. Also, you will know what kind of routine your body needs to lose weight really fast. Analyze your weight loss regime with care and make sure you continue sticking to the routine even after you have achieved the desired target.

Inculcate Healthy Habits

Its not okay to go back to unhealthy habits after you have shed some pounds. Just because you have lost weight very quickly doesnt mean you could go partying every weekend and indulge yourself by drinking and smoking. You need to remember that losing weight is not a one-time process that can be done with and forgotten. Its a lifetime process, and you need to devote your time and energy to it on a regular basis. However, this doesnt mean you are not permitted to enjoy yourself once in a while. The key point is to maintain a balance. In this way, you will never have to worry about gaining back the weight that you lost.

Apart from the above mentioned pointers, make sure your body gets sufficient amount of rest. Drink plenty of water, eat fresh and healthy foods, and do not forget to exercise regularly. If you stick to these basic rules, you will surely lose weight really fast without gaining it again.

About the Author: See the

Lose Weight Really Fast

blog for education and tools on maintaining a healthy body shape.



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Passion Play Movie: Indulge Yourself In Modern Day Fairy Tale Romance

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Passion Play Movie: Indulge Yourself in Modern Day Fairy Tale Romance


Amit Kothiyal

An inspiring production of Rebecca Wang Entertainment, the film Passion Play is an entertaining romantic drama starring Academy Award nominee Mickey Rourke, Academy Award nominee Bill Murray and Megan Fox. Set to be released in 2011, Passion Play has already become a favorite among critics.

YouTube Preview Image

The movie is a modern day fairy tale of two lovers, Mickey Rourke as Nate and Megan Fox as Lily. The story starts when Nate, a down on his luck trumpet player is taken down by a thug and driven to the dessert to face his execution till he is saved by some white-clad Native Americans. Later, Nate staggers through the desert and reaches a traveling freak show where he finds a bird woman who works in a circus shaking out a pair of wings and falls madly in love with her.

An inspirational tale that is definitely worth a watch, Passion Play movie is a story of a woman who visitors pay to watch in a glass box and about the objectification of woman, the Passion Play film depicts that life is little more complex than just living one’s fantasies. If you watch Passion Play you will discover the world of dreams through reality.

The film producer and founder of the Rebecca Wang Entertainment, Rebecca Wang is a University of California graduate at Berkley and holds a master s degree in clinical psychology. Her interest in art and films has inspired her to produce the movie Passion Play. She is also a great devotee of various charities including Prince Charles the British Red Cross and the International Red Cross.

Film Passion Play is a quixotic noir tale designed for movie buffs who have an agile spot and for the strong guys with gentle hearts. It is a wonderful movie for anyone who believes in love, dreams, desires and fairy tales and for those who would like to believe in the magic of life. The overall notion of the movie Passion Play is appealing and can effortlessly allure the audience. Watch this interesting tale and understand that life is long and exciting and as a true believer you are sure to relate to the remarkable idea of the movie.

Passion Play film

– To know more about

Passion Play

Movie please visit Rebeccawangentertainment.com and get latest updates, gossips and news on the film Passion Play.

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The Next 5 Things You Should Do For Automobile Success}

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Submitted by: Glory Craigmiles

Truck Peel Off Stickers

Car stickers offer the most suitable technique to make your suv seem distinctive and modified to your attitude. You can customize your suv by utilising peel off stickers focused around your preferences. They could be utilized along with other accessories to give your automobile a special look. You can either improve the suv yourself or you’ll have the ability to take it to a neighborhood label store and the planner at the label store will offer a sample book that contains an extensive variety of automobile decals to browse, for example, fire, go, different freehand-drawing plans, fluorescent style, etc. The sticker creator can even make a tag as based upon your style, hues & style.

Dome Decals – Most Apt Sticker For Use In Automobiles

In case you haven’t already caught wind of dome decals, you are liable to question their longevity. These types of decals are printed on decal ingredients, so they are available in distinctive hues & colors, for example, reflexive, glitter, metallic and so on. Additionally, ecodome stickers are all the more sensibly priced as contrasted with the ones produced using plastic. You’ll have the ability to even change the essential state of the organization on the off chance that you need to. They’re suitable for utilization in indoor and outside since they are impervious to different kinds of climate conditions.

YouTube Preview Image

These decals are normally covered with elastic urethane which is known to be resistant to chemicals and can withstand the extremes of environment. It’s the urethane covering which gives these product labels a bubbly look. The assembling methodology is truly basic. Printers normally layer a particular measure of plastic into a label. It streams to the product labels edge. The resultant area strain brought on by it makes a smaller ecodome in a sticker after you store it & let it cool for 12 hours.

Precisely Why Choose Dome Labels:

An alternate reason behind precisely why several society prefer domed stickers is on the ground that they last for quite a while. The product labels, if connected properly, will last for many years. This is a great feature as you won’t need to buy yet another one for a long while. Sometime down the road, on the off-chance that you consider changing the decal for any reason, then you’re able to do so with noissue at all.

History Of Ecodome Labels

Since the time these types of stickers were introduced, they have been the preferred by most individuals. Since they emerge (truly) once you stick them to a area, ecodome labels are appealing & stunning to look at. A normal decal may not be as charming as one of these decals. This, coupled with the strength of these stickers, has settled on domed labels the first decision for some many people.

This sort of dome stickers can be purchased from a decent on the web store. Before you pay for anything, verify you read the fine print with the goal that you know precisely what you’re purchasing. Get something that is exclusive and moderately priced as well.

About the Author: Thanks for putting in the time to go through this article, hopefully you thought it was intriguing. If you d like even more advice please visit via or




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